K&B Remodeling the entire Bay Area one Kitchen and Bathroom at a time!

K&B Remodeling is the full-service kitchen remodeling companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than years our unique, tailored approach to remodeling services has built a strong reputation for our family-owned company. Our kitchen design consultants and craftsmen attend to every detail and work tirelessly to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

What We Do

K&B Remodeling will assist you at every stage, from preconstruction to completion.

Our independently-owned company, currently growing over the years, is built on offering one-on-one attention and commitment to providing you the highest standard of quality work.

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Our Team

Our team includes highly trained, qualified individuals who specialize in every field from demolition, designing, architecture, engineering, and many more.

The team will provide service that caters to your specific needs to ensure optimum results.

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